Stainless steel elbows and fittings polished to perfection

  • Discover our specialty: grinding stainless steel elbows and fittings. We guarantee surface quality at the highest level, which meets both DIN 11865 and ASME BPE standards.

Surface quality details:

  • We can supply all surfaces used in the industry (1.0 – 0.4 µm).
  • DIN 11865: Our surfaces meet the strict requirements of this standard for hygienic applications. Perfect roughness and purity are our benchmark.
  • ASME BPE: In the biopharmaceutical industry, we perform ASME BPE grinding to provide surfaces for sterile environments. Our products meet the most demanding regulations.
  • Rely on our expertise to obtain stainless steel components with unsurpassed surface quality. With diameters from 12.0 to 168.3 millimeters and a capacity of up to 10,000 sheets per week, we offer tailor-made solutions for your requirements.

Edyta Jurek


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