In a globally networked world, one of the foundations of success is specialization in decisive core competencies. Rohrbogen AG has followed this paradigm since its foundation in 1936. Our name is program.

Our success is homemade.

Most of our special machines and manufacturing processes were developed and optimized by us to be able to manufacture our product for our customers with the highest quality and efficiency. Our talented and experienced employees are constantly working to make processes even simpler and better to serve the needs of the industry even more adequately.

Quality is our trademark.

We are breaking new ground in the precision of forming parts for plant engineering and enable our customers to realize their own visions with a cost-effective component they can always rely on.

Schaffner Jonathan


“At Rohrbogen AG, family values are paramount. The structured further development of our employees and a partnership-based relationship with our customers and suppliers are particularly important to us.”

Unsere Firmen-philosophie

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our customers appreciate the quality of all our products and services. We are well-known for our extensive know-how as well as for our capacity and flexibility in the production of elbows, whether standard parts or custom-made products: we always produce first-class quality at an excellent price-performance ratio. Furthermore, we offer customer service that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. We respond to inquiries immediately. Deliveries are prompt and reliable.

Already today we are thinking about the day after tomorrow.

With tireless commitment, we have made a good name for ourselves, as Rohrbogen AG, in over 80 years. This is an obligation. We invest significant amounts in the training of our employees, in the maintenance and expansion of our infrastructure as well as in the development and improvement of our production technology. As a result, we will continue to be synonymous with top-quality elbows in the future.

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